Young Talent Contest

Young Talent

Come on in with your Sounds!

You think the clubs are waiting for your incredible sound and you will rise like Phoenix above the world of electronic music? OK, let’s hear some tunes … 

Register for the SMS.Young Talent Contest via We’re looking for bands and live acts. The four best candidatures will play a 45 min set each at SMS.Second Stage. What you should consider? Please use the Checklist on the right.

Deadline is 03 JUL 2017.


Every contest has its own rules. If wan’t to participate at the SMS.Young Talent Contest, first have a look at this:

SMS.Young Talent Checklist

From now you can register for the SMS.Young Talent Contest. Attention, please check the following points:

  1. Send us a link to a direct playable sound file (i.g. Soundcloud).
  2. We accept only LIVE productions, NO DJ-SETs!
  3. You should be able to play a 45 min performance.
  4. If you are a band, it would be great to see a video clip (link) from you.
  5. Give us a link to your Facebook-profile.
  6. Add a short info/biography about you or your band.

Come to the beach



Got no car? Take one of the official SonneMondSterne coach services. They are running services from many locations in Germany and drop you directly on the festival site. It is comfortable, safe AND green!

Infos und Bustickets:

Mit und zu SMS: Einsteigen, abfahren und abfeiern … wir fahren zur SMS, viele Abfahrtsorte aus ganz Deutschland. Voll entspannt ins Partyland. Auch dieses Jahr bringt Euch die Nummer 1 in Sachen Partyshuttle wieder sicher zur SMS an die Bleilochtalsperre. Egal ob schon am Donnerstag oder erst am Freitag, "Auf die Party, fertig, ... Abflug!" – ohne falsche Versprechen. Jede Menge Abfahrtsorte stehen Euch deutschlandweit zur Verfügung. 

Der & Busshuttle bringt Euch direkt auf das Campinggelände an der Bleilochtalsperre. Steigt ein in den Partybus … wir wünschen Euch 'ne gute (Ab-)fahrt … 


Flash Festivalbus

Infos und Bustickets:

FLASH Festivalbus

21 Jahre SMS, und schon 11 Jahre davon mit den Festivalbussen vom Szenemagazin Flashtimer aus dem Süden. „Unser Lieblingsfestival, so wie es sein soll“, feiert ihre Homepage unsere tolle Sause, und wir feiern an ihnen, dass es beim Flash Festivalbus keine Mindestteilnehmer gibt und daher auch keine Fahrtabsagen. Was sie sonst noch bieten:

DREI ABFAHRTSTAGE: Mittwoch, Donnerstag und Freitag!
LÄNGER FEIERN: Rückfahrt zu den letzten Beats erst um 15.00 Uhr. 
BUS-CAMP: Reservierte Plätze für euer Zelt!
FLEXIBEL: Hin- und Rückfahrt einzeln buchbar!

Kleines Manko: FLASH FESTIVALBUS fährt nur aus dem Süden. Schade eigentlich.

ABFAHRTSORTE (alphabetisch):


Info-Hotline: 0162-7157149
Info & Anmeldung:

Infos and Bustickets:

WIR MÖCHTEN EUCH BEGEISTERN, NICHT NUR ZUFRIEDEN STELLEN … Unter diesem Motto startet Feierreisen auch dieses Jahr wieder zur Sonne Mond Sterne! Einmal dagewesen will man jedes Jahr aufs Neue hin. Sicher, entspannt und mit vielen Gleichgesinnten. Wie letztes Jahr geben wir auch in diesem Jahr wieder unsere DURCHFÜHRUNGSGARANTIE, mit uns kommt Ihr sicher hin! Ein hoch motiviertes Betreuerteam erwartet Dich an Deinem Einstiegsort mit einem entspannten Busfahrer und einer Menge an Gleichgesinnten, die mit Dir zusammen pünktlich ankommen werden.

Donnerstags Anreise und Freitags Anreise möglich
Gruppenrabatte schon ab 5 Personen
Original Hardtickets SonneMondSterne

Abfahrtsorte: Ahaus, Aurich, Bad Oeynhausen, Berlin, Bielefeld, Bienenbüttel, Brandenburg/Havel, Braunschweig, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Celle, Chemnitz, Cloppenburg, Cuxhaven, Delmenhorst, Dresden, Elmshorn, Emden, Erfurt, Flensburg, Gifhorn, Göttingen, Halle, Hamburg, Hannover, Harpstedt, Hildesheim, Ibbenbüren, Jena, Kassel, Kiel, Leer, Leipzig, Lingen, Lübeck, Lüneburg, Magdeburg, Meppen, Münster, Neumünster, Nordhorn, Oldenburg, Osnabrück, Papenburg, Preetz, Rendsburg, Rheine, Rostock, Schleswig, Schwerin, Stralsund, Wildeshausen, Wilhelmshaven, Wolfsburg

Infos und Bustickets:


SMS.Parental Consent

If you are under age you will have to bring a parental consent. Please print this document and let your parents fill it out:

Behavior in case of storm

Please follow the instructions of our staff. — The safest place is your car. — Please avoid places like tents, trees and water in case of storm. The tents on the festival site will be closed then. — Emergency exits will be advised by our staff. — In case of storm the organizers are allowed to interrupt or to stop the program.

Please help the people around you!


Can I bring my foto camera to the venue?

Generally, you are free to bring your small camera for snapshots. However it is not allowed to bring professional equipment that can be used for audio and video recording. We have to point that all kinds of recording are strictly forbidden. We kindly ask you to respect the rights of the artists.

Please note that it is up to our security personnel to decide whether your camera is professional equipment or not. Please accept their decision and keep in mind that they are probably are no "foto-pros".

What is the distance between the camping ground and the entrance to the venue?

All camping fields and car parks are located alongside the venue and you can go by foot. Bus shuttles are not necessary for this reason.

Facilities for disabled people

There are two adapted toilets on the festival site. Companions of disabled people get free entrance.

Where can I find medical aid?

In case of emergency you´ll find the First Aid Service next to the Main Entrance. 

Do I have to pay for re-entrance, camping and garbage deposit?

Tickets are almost all inclusive and we do not want to charge you with any hidden costs. The only exception is a fee of 20 € for each car.

Which camping field is closer to the venue?

The louder one is a bit closer to the venue.

When does the festival begin and when does it end?

The festival starts on Friday at 6 p.m. and ends on Sunday at 4 p.m.

Will the venue stay open all the time?

Generally the venue stays open around the clock. On Saturday noon we will close the area partly to clean it. The beach and snack bars remain open all time.

How about age restrictions?

According to legal requirements for all events, on SonneMondSterne minors under the age of 16 and under 18 must bring a responsible adult in order to stay at the venue after midnight.

Is there a Bus Shuttle from the festival to the train station?

If you travel by train, our charge-free shuttle bus will take you on Sunday from the SMS festival site to the stations of Bad Lobenstein and Neustadt/Orla and the bus station of Schleiz.
Information concerning the timetable will be published in the Latest Infos.

What is the address of the festival?

For those with satnav/GPS: Festivalwiese, Wetteraweg, 07929 Saalburg-Ebersdorf, Germany


50.507699, 11.721522‎

+50° 30' 27.72", +11° 43' 17.48"


Are one-day-tickets available?

No, sorry. Neither in the pre-selling nor at the venue´s box-office

I bought my ticket on the black market.

Not good. We highly recommend to buy tickets via the official pre-sale under We also advise everybody not to buy tickets at the festival’s car parc as they are mostly faked. These tickets will be collected at the entrance without any refund.

When can I change my ticket against a wristband?

The ticketchange starts on Thursday 12 pm. So please make sure to change your tickets against your wristband in time to avoid trouble at the entrance.

Thu 1pm – 10pm
Fr 1pm – Sat 3am
Sat 12am – 12pm


What is the fee for parking?

For each car a fee of 20 € has to be paid.

What are the opening hours?

The car park opens on Wednesday at 10pm and closes on Tuesday afternoon. In this period it will remain open all the time. Please respect our position advisers!


How much do I have to pay for camping?

Nothing. Camping is included in the ticket price

Which camping field is the loudest and which one is quiet?

To give respect to all of our festival-goers, we separated our camping fields into a loud and a quiet part. On the loud camping field you can party all around the clock, while on the quiet one you can enjoy almost spiritual silence. Thus, we kindly ask you to respect this separation

What are the opening hours of the camping fields?

Our camping fields open on Wednesday 10am and close on Tuesday noon. During this period the camping ground will stay open all the time

Can I park my car alongside the tent?

You can bring your car onto the camping fields. Please note that the louder one (A) usually fills up pretty fast.

Can I get connections to water and electricity for my camper?

No, sorry. The fields are only used for camping during our festival. Therefore there are no camping facilities like water and electricity connection.