As of this year, the SonneMondSterne Festival has its own currency – the STERNTALER. At the Saalburg.Beach you pay now only with our STERNTALERN, if you want to buy drinks or food. At the SMS.Shop, the non-food stands, in the real,- festiwelt, at the cigarette sellers and in the SMS.Showerworld you will continue to pay in cash (€).

As with any other currency, it must be exchanged for another currency. You will receive the STERNTALER at the campsite next to the ribbon exchange and on the festival grounds. There are exchange stations with nice staff, which you gladly at any time answer questions. At these stations you get your STERNTALER for cash, EC or credit card. There are also vending machines for exchange. Here you can exchange cash (only banknotes!) And EC or credit card. Of course you can also swap your STERNTALER after the event.


(Sterntaler) = 2,50 € 

It can only be bought Star Taler in 4-Strip, so worth 10 €.

You can pay with whole & half Sterntalern.

10 € = 4 Sterntaler
20 € = 8 Sterntaler
30 € = 12 Sterntaler
40 € = 16 Sterntaler
50 € = 20 Sterntaler


the staff occupied

STERNTALER stations 


WED: 12 am – 10 pm
THU: 10 am – FRI: 2 am
FR: 10 am – midnight
SAT: 10 am – midnight
SUN: 8 am – 5 pm

Festival site:

FRI: 6 pm – SAT: 6 am
SAT: 12 am – SUN: 5:30 pm

STERNTALER machines can be used around the clock.
(Change to the machine only in coins).

Der Rücktausch der Sterntaler ist nur an den personalbesetzten Stationen auf dem Festivalgelände und dem Campingplatz zu deren Öffnungszeiten möglich.