Young Talent Contest

Young Talent

Come on in with your Sounds!

You think the clubs are waiting for your incredible sound and you will rise like Phoenix above the world of electronic music? OK, let’s hear some tunes … 

Register for the SMS.Young Talent Contest via We’re looking for bands and live acts. The four best candidatures will play a 45 min set each at SMS.Second Stage. What you should consider? Please use the Checklist on the right.

Deadline is 08 JUL 2018.


Every contest has its own rules. If wan’t to participate at the SMS.Young Talent Contest, first have a look at this:

SMS.Young Talent Checklist

From now you can register for the SMS.Young Talent Contest. Attention, please check the following points:

  1. Send us a link to a direct playable sound file (i.g. Soundcloud).
  2. We accept only LIVE productions, NO DJ-SETs!
  3. You should be able to play a 45 min performance.
  4. If you are a band, it would be great to see a video clip (link) from you.
  5. Give us a link to your Facebook-profile.
  6. Add a short info/biography about you or your band.